• 5 star General Manchester City and the Massacre of Liverpool
  • 5 star General Manchester City and the Massacre of Liverpool

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    5 star General Manchester City and the Massacre of Liverpool

    Every football fan had a cold chill down their spine from how the English Premier League match that was played between Manchester City and Liverpool on 9th September 2017 turned out. Prior to the kick off, a lot of people were of the opinion that Liverpool would put up a good fight against the City club owing to their good performance record against big clubs but the reverse seemed to be the case.

    Manchester City started the match strong, opening the scoring through Kun Aguero in the first half but the Red's quest to score and equalize, their player Sadio Mane got sent off for his late high boot challenge on Manchester City's goalkeeper. From this stage upfront, they got blasted which led to a 5-0 scoreline at the full time of the match.

    Those goals were scored by Kun Aguero, Gabriel Jesus and Lorry Sane who also netted a double with his fine curl from outside the box. I'm of the view that his goal would be a contender in the goal of the week award. Liverpool never knew what hit them as Manchester city run out comfortable winners.
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