• Did/Does Anyone Actually Follow the Olympics?
  • Did/Does Anyone Actually Follow the Olympics?

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    Did/Does Anyone Actually Follow the Olympics?

    I'm curious in general, but who actually watches the olympics? I don't actually know many who watch it or pay much heed to it- personally, I've never watched much of it at all, besides watching figure skating one year with a friend that loved it. I got most of my news about it off twitter, and mostly ignored it because 99% of it felt like boring stuff. Heck, I get frustrated that the whole "Lochtegate" keeps ending up on my nightly news.

    But one day, I did watch the olympics this year- in a waiting room while my dad was getting a ton of x-rays. I was actually shocked to find I enjoyed watching the bit I did- because most of it was telling us backstories about the athletes, and some have some pretty neat situations behind them. There was a couple that did the same event (track I think?) and help each other regularly- I find things like that inspiring. That they support each other to the point that the guy wore a Canada hat just to show how much he supports his wife, who was originally from Canada...And how they actually help each other strive to get better through friendly competition and really knowing how it feels to be doing things that the coaches don't...It reminds me of the importance of a safety net and a support network: and how special the people closest to us really are.

    Does anyone else pay attention to these things? If you watch, do you watch for the stories or the sports? And if you don't...How do you feel about things like the hype or the constant news coverage?

    (I honestly just want to get more of the forums moving, and let's face it, this is one of those global-ish things that can probably get a conversation started even if you despise sports to some extent...maybe).
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    I watched the 2012 Olympics quite a lot because it was based here in London so it was quite a special event for us. Other than that I barely watch the Olympics to be honest. I watch quite a few of the major events like the 100M, the relay races where Usain Bolt participates in etc. I also like to watch the football games but that's more to do with the fact I like watching any football game on TV and not really because it is the Olympics. I don't mind the constant news coverage because it's important to celebrate your countries success in terms of medals so it's nice to know how we did.

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