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    Is The Epl Overrated

    I believe that it is the most popular league in the world. This is proved by the huge fan base of some of the clubs there. Take Manchester United for instance. It has a huge following all over the globe. In social media, it is also evident that they have many fans. They have to visit various continents in the pre-season period to at least give back to their fans. However, I feel that other leagues like the La Liga and the Bundesliga are far much better in terms of the quality of football. Look at the Ballon d'Or award. It has always been between Cristiano and Messi. Do you think that the English Premier League is overrated?

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    It has a massive following around the world and it is a highly competitive league. I mean one week you will get Manchester United beating a team like Manchester City and then the next game, they could be losing to Sunderland who are bottom of the league (just an example, don't think this actually happened recently). That's the beauty of the English Premier League and that is why it is so popular. I support Chelsea myself, have done since I was around 6 and started watching football. I don't think it is overrated, I just think that because it is so competitive and due to how tough the schedule is, teams tend to do badly when in the champions league. The spanish and german teams get a break during Christmas which the english teams do not get. This helps them a lot in terms of fitness

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