• Greatest Football Rivalry of All Time
  • Greatest Football Rivalry of All Time

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    Greatest Football Rivalry of All Time

    Football world have witnessed a lot of intense rivalry between some formidable clubs and even some players, but my focus here is on the rivalry between Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Real Madrid club and Leo Messi of Argentina and Barcelona football club.

    These two professional players have won virtually everything there is to be won in the football competition with Ronaldo surpassing Messi on the international level, while Messi have toppled Christiano on club level.

    Messi have 5 world best award to himself while Ronaldo is on 4 but is likely to win the next one after winning champions League back to back last season. What other great football rivalry that you simply can't pick who edges his opponent completely?

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    I really don't see why there has to be a rivalry, to be honest. It's all been created by the fans of Barcelona and Real Madrid because I know that Ronaldo and Messi actually are fine with each other and respect each other. They are two different players, to be honest with you, Ronaldo is the more physical guy that is better at shooting and running. Whereas, with Messi, he is a lot better at dribbling, passing and the little tricks. Both are still great players that we should appreciate because when they finally decide to retire, we will never get players like them for a long while especially when you look at their ridiculous statistics and achievements. It's crazy to think how great both of them truly are.

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