• Manchester United still at it again
  • Manchester United still at it again

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    Manchester United still at it again

    Following the excellent start to the new season in English Premier League, the England club Manchester United have been quite exceptional in the way that they took things this new season. There was a lot of doubt if they were going to perform with class in Champions League that started on 12th September 2017 as they have done in the English Premier League but their performance laid all doubts to rest.

    Their first group stage match was against Basel and the United club was ruthless in taking their opponent out of commission with a sounding 3-0 victory at Old Trafford. The players that were on the scores sheet were, Fellani, Lukaku and Rashforf.

    It was a really entertaining match to watch and hopefully they will keep up the good and strong performances till the end of season and there would be a very good chance of the club picking up a silverware this season.

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    You have done great in the league this season to be fair. But the real test comes later on in the season. It's only been around 4 games so everyone should be careful before predicting who they think can win the league. We need to remember that Manchester United still haven't played a top 8 side yet. I think the best opponents that they have come up against is Stoke and they could only draw with them which indicates that United still need to improve. West Ham and Swansea were extremely poor and have been against most sides so it is unfair to use this as the basis for saying United can win the league. Let's see how they do against the top sides like Tottenham, Manchester City and Chelsea. I haven't included Arsenal and Liverpool because they are just way too poor right now and will most likely concede a lot of goals against the top sides.

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