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    Cross-over story

    I'm writing up a story that is a cross-over between Outlaw Star and Call of Duty: Zombies (W.A.W & Black Ops). This features an original character that I have since '06 and features a custom map from L4D2 called: "Indiana Jones & The Temple of Zombies" It's not finished yet, but I want to post what I've got right now.
    Call of Duty: Zombies
    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Zombies

    -The Line-
    We find our Zombies team of Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, Richtofen, Kaz, and Melfina all outside of what looks like an old temple hidden in the jungle. Turns out to be the entrance to an attraction in Disneyland California called ‘Indiana Jones Adventure: The Temple of the Forbidden Eye’ which was the last place anyone thought they’d be in.
    Dempsey: No lines, no crowds, no annoying brats, I’m in heaven.
    Nikolai: Does this place have vodka?
    Takeo: A decent break from all of the zombies.
    Richtofen: Joy! I always wanted to be an explorer.
    Kaz: Looks like we’ve got some ammo, health kits, explosives, and some guns here. So much for having a fun time Takeo, we’ve got to work.
    Melfina: Let’s get into this attraction and get it over with.
    Turns out Kaz’s suspicions were right, Zombies have infested the attraction. That meant that the team had to shoot through the ride to figure out what’s going on.
    Dempsey: “Warning: Don’t step on diamond shaped stones.” Wonder what the hell that’s means.
    Nikolai: Hey Dempsey, what is this weird demon thingy?
    Richtofen: That’s a Hindu deity named Mara, the guardian of this temple that Dr. Henry Jones Jr. was looking into. Apparently there is a chamber of destiny that has one of three options: Visions of the Future, Treasure, or Timeless youth.
    Takeo: I heard rumors about this, those who have stared into the eyes of Mara took a detour to doom.
    Dempsey: That doesn’t sound appeasing at all.
    Melfina: Kyaaa!!! (Butt lands on diamond shaped stone) uh what just happened?
    Zombies were pouring out of that area after Melfina, unknowingly, sat on the diamond shaped stone. The team managed to fend them off and they continued into the temple. All of a sudden, they started to hear crying from a distant area.
    Kaz: Witch, keep your…wait a minute, is this Left 4 Dead or Call of Duty: Zombies?
    Melfina: That’s a zombie I’ve never seen before.
    Nikolai: Can someone shut her up; she’s making my headache worse.
    Dempsey *steps on diamond shaped stone* Oh shitballs…
    Richtofen: Dempsey, did you just step on the stone?
    Takeo: Look out!!!
    A spike ball came right down for Dempsey’s head, fortunately Dempsey ducked to avoid the spike ball, which hit a hunter from behind Dempsey’s back.
    Kaz: Hunters, witches, this is not going to be easy.
    *Witch Scream*
    Nikolai: Oh shit!
    Melfina: Kill it!!!
    A hail of bullets came onto the witch and she went down easier than normal. The team then continued into a cave which seemed to flow with the line that they are following.
    Richtofen: “Watch your head for sharp spikes.” This must be for the next room that we are entering. Oh look, a skull in between the spikes.
    Dempsey: “Warning: do not touch the pole.” This guy thinks of everything.
    A dramatic music change meant that a huge zombie, bigger than the ones the team has fought was coming towards them.
    Takeo: Tank and I’m not taking about Dempsey!!!
    Kaz: I’ll set fire to him!
    Dempsey: HOLY SHITBALLS RUN!!!
    Richtofen: I’ll touch the pole.
    Richtofen moved the bamboo pole which triggered a booby trap that sent the spikes down onto the tank; but the tank moved fast enough to avoid the trap.
    Nikolai: Don’t let him steal my vodka!
    Melfina: *stabs the tank with a Bowie knife* I think that did it…phew.
    Dempsey: That was a close one.
    Kaz: Let’s move before we end up like the freakbags we’ve killed in here.
    The team soon entered a circular shaped chamber which was a camp to Dr. Jones’ research on the Temple they were in. Everyone got a chance to look around and then, Takeo noticed a door near the end of the chamber.
    Takeo: This must be a safe-room. We can restock on what we have.
    Nikolai: “Caution: do not pull rope, handling fragile artifacts.” Hey you down there, you got vodka? *pulls rope*
    ???: I say, stop mucking about up there. Oh blast! Not again Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
    Dempsey: Who the hell was that?
    Melfina: That was way cheesier than what Hazanko told me who I was back at the leyline.
    Richtofen: I’ll kill them for their insolence!!!
    *Boom* (Boomer death) *guh* (Smoker death) *reargh* (Charger death)
    Dempsey: OK, everyone inside before we set off a horde.
    *door closes*

    -The Ride-
    The team entered an area of the attraction that in which the guests view a safety video before they enter the attraction. In our group’s case, there were perk-a-cola machines and an armory on two different sides of the viewing area. Our team drank all of the perk-a-colas (Juggernog, Quick Revive, Speed Cola, Double-Tap Root beer, PhD Flopper, Stamin-up, and Deadshot Daiquiri) and picked out their preferred weapons. (Dempsey: M16 w/ Mustang & Sally, Nikolai: AK-74u & Sickle, Takeo: M14 w/ Tokyo & Rose, Richtofen: MP40 & Python, Melfina: Galil & Bowie Knife, Kaz: Commando & SPAS-12)
    *Film flicks on*
    Dempsey: Where’s the freakbags?
    *Video plays*
    Nikolai: Who is this?
    Kaz: That’s Sallah, Indy’s partner in his escapades.
    Melfina: Is this a safety video for the ride?
    Kaz: Most likely.
    *Video Ends*
    Richtofen: I like that man, he’s good. Shall we move on?
    The team opened the safe-room door to move onto the ride, while fighting of zombies near the vehicle that they would be in later. The team soon walked into the loading area for the passengers to get into the ride.
    Kaz: I call driver!
    Nikolai: Why can’t I drive?
    Takeo: Your breath smells like death and you’d kill us.
    Dempsey: No offense Nikolai, but I’m going with Kaz on this one.
    Melfina: Mind if sit next to you?
    Kaz: Not at all, Doc sit next Mel and Nikolai get in the back.
    Richtofen: Joy! I knew there was a reason that I like you.
    Dempsey: As long as I don’t get to sit next to the doc, I’m fine with it.
    Takeo: Let’s sit in the middle American.
    Kaz started up the jeep and they start their trek into the chamber of destiny.
    Sallah: *radio* My friends, the brakes may be needing a little adjustment – easy on the curves.
    Mara: You seek the treasure of Mara, glittering gold. It is yours.
    Nikolai: I’m not looking at that demon.
    Richtofen: Heads down please.
    Melfina: *whispering* what now?
    Kaz: *whispering* stay low…
    Mara: INFIDELS!!! You looked into my eyes; your path now leads to the gates of doom! (Team has shocked looks on their faces while they were looking down)
    Dempsey: WHO LOOKED?!
    Takeo: Oh crap…this is how it ends?!
    The team takes a detour and suddenly found themselves nearing the gates of doom when a familiar voice came from the gate.
    Indiana: Oh great, I ask for help and they send me tourists.
    Kaz: Indy?!
    Richtofen: Dr. Jones, what a pleasure to meet you.
    Indiana: Swerve left, ugh…you had to look didn’t you?
    Nikolai: Chyort!! What is happening?
    Melfina: (notices Nikolai’s monkey bomb) I think I might have found what set us on this course.
    Dempsey: Nikolai…did you not shut the monkey’s eyes closed?
    Nikolai: You know I don’t trust monkey!
    As the team was getting their bearings together, they entered the cavern of bubbling death, which they had to turn left into a mummies tomb to get to a bridge that can get them across the cavern. Suddenly all the light went dark on the team.
    Nikolai: I’m blind in my eyes!!!
    Richtofen: Turn on the head lights.
    Kaz: Hey!!! I’m the driver I can figure it out doc, don’t go grabbing the wheel.
    The head lights turn on to reveal a lot of bugs on the wall. The team somehow gets to the rope bridge which Mara tries to destroy, but fails in his attempt. As soon as they enter the next temple, the car comes to a stop.
    -out of gas! Go out and fill it up!-
    All: WHAT?!
    Dempsey: What kind of ride needs gasoline?
    Kaz: This was supposed to be an electric ride, yet this is a real car.
    Nikolai: At least with monkey we know what we’re getting.
    Melfina: This just got borderline ridiculous.
    Takeo: We must search for gasoline out in this part of the cavern.
    Richtofen: We need sufficient gas to get sufficient movement, this is no fun!
    Reference for story.
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    RE: Cross-over story WIP

    You put a lot of time into this.
    Good job boyo!
    "Believe in yourself and create your own destiny. Don't fear fate." - Narrator
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    This was a good idea Mantis.

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    RE: Cross-over story WIP

    that was Awsomeness that was shifted into 4th gear so it was TURBO AWSOME!!!!!!!!. lol that map looks crazy!!! anywayss you did a good job, lol im trying to get into writing lil storys to but i suck still
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    RE: Cross-over story WIP

    Here's the last part of the story that I finished typing up.
    The team had no other choice but to find the five gas cans that were around the areas which they drove by earlier. Some of the cans were easy to find, but others were way out on the other side of the bridge; nevertheless they found all of the gas cans and resupplied their weapons and got back in the car.
    Nikolai: That was like being in grocery line for three hours.
    Takeo: *Panting* Ugh, at least we can leave this place now.
    Dempsey: Hey Kaz, if that’s your name, you still driving.
    Kaz: No choice Dempsey, Mel’s still next to me and the doc is next to her. Besides, don’t want anyone puking on me when I’m driving.
    Richtofen: *Whispers* Takeo…
    Melfina: Let’s go.
    As the car started back up, they passed into the shrine of the serpent.
    Indiana: *Radio* Snakes…you guys are on your own.
    As the cobra came down onto the team, the jeep moved fast enough to avoid the bite.
    Nikolai: Can we get out of this evil place?
    Melfina: *Screams* Get this thing off of me!
    Richtofen: It’s just a rat. *Arrow fires at rat* NEIN!!!
    Dempsey: Heads down!
    Arrows were firing out of the wall which had images of skeleton warriors attacking those who looked at them. Just as they near the end of the ride, they run into Indiana Jones on a rope.
    Indiana: You guys finally made it. A rescue, just what I needed.
    A giant boulder suddenly appeared before them and it was rolling towards the team.
    Kaz & Dempsey: I got a bad feeling about this…
    Everyone else: DRIVE!!!
    Kaz stepped his foot on the gas and they drove underneath the boulder and made it out of the evil chasm. Indiana Jones soon meets up with the group.
    Indiana: Not bad…for tourists.
    Dempsey: I’m a fucking marine here!
    Melfina: Who cares, we’ve made it through and we’re ready to leave this place.
    Takeo: That was not as bad as the closet we were stuck in.
    Nikolai: I still have my vodka, so we will celebrate once we get out.
    Richtofen: Everyone wait until the vehicle has come to a complete stop.
    The jeep stopped at the load station and the team soon got out of the jeep.

    -The Escape-
    After the ride was over, the team soon found a Pack-A-Punch machine (which was cheap money to use) to upgrade their weapons (Dempsey: Skullcrusher, Nikolai: AK-LV74, Takeo: Mnesia, Richtofen: Afterburner & Cobra, Melfina: Lamentation, Kaz: Predator & SPAZ-72). Soon a display message came up.
    -Be ready to escape!-
    All: Huh?!
    The door opened up, when a sudden rumble was felt all throughout the temple.
    -You have angered Mara! The temple is about to collapse! Get out of here!-
    (Cue ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ Temple Run music)
    Dempsey: HOLLY SHIT!!!
    Richtofen: IT’S TIME TO RUN!!!
    Melfina & Kaz: TIME TO GO!!!
    The team had to rush their way through the temple dodging falling pieces of stone that was blocking certain pathways in the exit of the ride. The team made it back to the rotunda chamber in which there seemed to be hope.
    Takeo: There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
    *Debris collapses and shuts that path off*
    Nikolai: Chyort!!!
    Dempsey: To the left, to the left! (noticing a hole in the wall)
    Melfina: Was that from a song?
    Kaz: Does it matter right now?!
    The team made it back through the caves from the spiked roof path, and then when the exit was in sight, the floor came out from under them.
    Richtofen: A new chamber has been discovered. Joy!
    Dempsey: Richtofen now’s not the time to play explorer here!!!
    Near the top of the newly discovered room that was uncovered the roof collapsed in doing so, took the floor out from underneath them into a cast members only room.
    Nikolai: Are we back near the beginning?
    Kaz: We’ve got to be close to the exit!
    Takeo: CHARGER!!!
    As the charger came right at them, it got a hold of Melfina.
    Melfina: Get this thing off of me!!!
    Dempsey: I told you not to touch her bone junkie!
    Dempsey ended up killing the charger with his Skullcrusher gun’s grenade launcher attachment; so the team found their salvation outside of the temple as it collapsed behind them.
    Kaz: Phew…thank god that’s over.
    Dempsey: That was a close one. Oorah!
    Nikolai: That temple tried to take my vodka!
    Takeo: Everyone accounted for?
    Richtofen: Ya! Let’s get out of this place and rest for a few moments.
    Melfina: I need it after that run, jeez. *Talks to herself* Now I know why Gene has these problems in his odd jobs.

    -The End-

    Planning on posting the complete story on DA soon.
    Droppin' in feet first into Hell.

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