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    Outlaw Fantasy VIII #2 De Novo

    Here is issue #2 of my Fan Fiction of Outlaw Fantasy VIII. A crossover story between Final Fantasy VIII and the Outlaw Star Anime. It was originally planned to be a manga but I'm starting with the script first; I hope everyone likes it. This will be the last one I post because I want to get the drawings going. Alright you better get ready...

    Outlaw Fantasy VIII #2
    De Novo

    (Gene's voice in Captions in shown) This is really strange. It's like I'm someone else but...
    Now you see Squall driving a car. You see his reflection (you see his eyes though the driver's side of the rearview mirror)
    Squall: Sigh I hope I'm not too late. I know everyone is counting on me. His phone is vibrating and he looks at the top of it real quick and Zell's name pops up. As it continues to ring he looks at again and says, "...whatever. Now he looks at the time and says, Ok I'm good. He makes a right turn and sees Zell on the corner with Rinoa. Now you see another panel with her and realize Rinoa is pregnant. Squall rolls down the window and says, " You guys ready?" Zell slams his hands on the passenger door and says, " Yea dude we were ready before you were." Rinoa laughs. Squall looks at Rinoa and smiles. Now they are all in the car. Rinoa: So "honey" you didn't tell me where we were going today and Zell won't tell me either. Zell looks ups and smiles. Squall has a blank expression on his face and says nothing. Rinoa: Squall C'mon really? It's not like you to play games like this. Zell: Sure he does we played Triple Triad yesterday. Rinoa looks back at Zell and glares at him. Rinoa: Fine. I'll play along. You know Dr. Kadowaki said I should.. Squall interrupts her and says, " Watch your stress levels as much as possible. I know I know. I'm sorry Rinoa it's...confidential. Rinoa: Sure. Now they are shown going downhill. Rinoa: Wait this is.. Why are we going to Selphie and Irvine's house? This is the big secret? Zell whistles suspiciously. Squall: Sorry I had to drop by to pick up something real quick. Now they pull up and all get out of the car. Squall rings the doorbell and the door looks like it opens by itself. Now the door opens and you see several people. You see balloons and streamers and they all yell "Suprise!"

    Rinoa puts her hands on her face with a surprised expression. Zell is smiling with his eyes closed and Squall is smiling as well. Rinoa looks at Squall and says," So this was it huh?" She grabs him close and they kiss. Quistis comes out of nowhere with a camera and snaps a picture. Now you see a photo of Squall and Rinoa kissing with Zell Photo-bombing in the background. Now you see the living room. Rinoa, Selphie, and Xu are sitting on a couch talking. Matron is on the left bottom corner of the page talking to Cid and a random persons head is at the right hand corner of the page. Now you see Zell talking to Irvine. Zell: So what you been up to man? Irvine: Nothing much broski just putting up with ol' girl over here. Selphie on the next page says," Yup I'm a real pain in the patootie huh?" Irvine: Well I was thinking of another word but yea. Zell and Selphie laugh together. Irvine: So Zell when are you gonna find somebody in your life? Clock is ticking. ( He points to his wrist) Selphie: Don't Irvine; that's not nice. The right person will come along one day. Zell: Yea I'm not worries about it. Not really my focus nowadays. Now you see Quistis and Squall talking. Quistis: Like I said just take it easy. I know you're nervous but it's ok. You're going to be a good father. I can tell. Squall: I'm not nervous I'm just.. Quistis interrupts and says ,"Concerned?" and she snickers. Squall looks at her angrily. Squall: I guess you know me to well and smiles. I just don't know a thing about parenting. I've only ever known how to take care of myself. Quistis: No one is ever prepared for this line of work. It's just like relationships; you learn over time. Squall: I guess...

    Now you see outside of the house and into the backyard. A portal appears. A leg appers stepping out of it and two hands appear as well. Next you see a side view of Hamushi's face. Hamushi: Alright here we are. Ultimecia's consciousness speaks to her mind and says, " Let's make this quick. Summon her." Hamushi takes several steps back. Hamushi raises her hand up and says, "Feel my pain. She puts her hand on the ground. Hamushi: I summon thee; Anima! The skies become dark and clouds start to form. A darker cloud suddenly appears. Out of the cloud comes an anchor. It shoots toward the ground in the backyard. The anchor lands on the ground and at that instant dark mist appears on it. Now you see inside of the house and it starts to shake. Everyone looks shocked reacting to the tremor. Random/Original Character: What was that? Xu: Did someone just cast Quake? The chain that the anchor appeared goes in reverse and seemingly brings something up. 3 chains suddenly appear from the mist. A demonic creature appears and it's arms are crossed in front of each other. It lifts it's head up and roars. (Back inside the house) Everyone's head turns towad the sound. Fujim and Cid are right by a window. A close up of Fujin's face is shown and she says, "Death." Hamushi stares at it in amazement yet trembles in fear. The creature stares at the ground and the ground starts to shake again. (Back inside the house) Squall gets close to Rinoa and she is holding her stomach. Zell is next to them in clenches his fist. Now you see root like veins appear underground and they spread and grow toward the house. (Back inside the house) Squall: Alright everyone this is what we are going to do. Matron and Selphie stay with Cid and Rinoa. Raijin and Xu get to the front and escort those people over there. Irvine, Zell, Fujin, Quistis you come with me.

    Squall, Irvine, Zell, Fujin, and Quistis are now in the backyard facing Anima with Hamushi in back of her. (Now you see Gene speaking) Gene: Wait a minute do I know her from somewhere? *Gasp* That's a member from the Anten Seven I thought I killed her!This isn't good. Squall: I don't know who you are or what you're doing here but if you don't leave it's gonna get ugly. All of them draw their weapons and prepare to fight. Hamushi: Oh but I know who you are SQualL (Ultimecia's voice syncs with Hamushi's and it appears as a dual voice) Gene: What the?!?

    To be continued....

    Next issue: Fate
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