• Outlaw Star Keyblade (Work in Progress)
  • Outlaw Star Keyblade (Work in Progress)

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    Outlaw Star Keyblade (Work in Progress)

    I've been a Kingdom Hearts fan for a long time, and after seeing people come up with Keyblade designs based on various anime and video games, from Naruto and Gurren Lagann to NiGHTS into Dreams and The Legend of Zelda. But I don't think I've ever come across a Keyblade based on Outlaw Star, so when the opportunity presented itself, I figured I'd take a crack it myself. Currently, I'm still just in the planning stages, so this is by no means the final product, but I thought I would share what I've got so far and see if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve upon this before I begin drawing.

    So here's my thought process so far, starting from the bottom. For the keychain, ever since coming across it, I always thought the image of the recurring dragon symbol combined with Gene's tattoo was super cool, and to me it just seemed like a natural choice. For the chain linking it to the Keyblade proper, I thought that have miniature versions of the Outlaw Star's grappler arms make up the links in the chain, each grabbing one another with the last one holding the keychain in its hand, would be a neat touch. As for the actual keybalde and its various components, I actually took inspiration from the Sleeping Lion Keyblade, specifically its appearance at Level 25 in KH Union X. As soon as I noticed that the handle of Sleeping Lion was actually the handle and barrel of Leon/Squall's gunblade, I KNEW I had to use Gene's caster as the handle. And since the blade part of the gunblade can be seen being integrated into the blade part of Sleeping Lion, I figured why not go for a similar approach with this Keyblade?

    Now for the guard, blade, and teeth of the Keyblade. I believe it goes without saying that if one is to have an Outlaw Star Keyblade, the titular ship has to be a BIG part of the weapon in question. So for the blade, I chose to have a top view of the front of the ship, since it somewhat resembles a rounded blade, with the front of the ship being where the tip of the caster gun integrates into. As for the guards and teeth, I decided to use the ship's four engines and turbine.

    Lastly, the name of the Keyblade. Currently, I'm leaning towards naming it Starwind. On the one hand, it seems pretty obvious for a large variety of reasons, including being the last name of the main character. On other hand...I can't shake this feeling that the name is seems almost TOO obvious and easy. If anyone has any other suggestions for names, or arguments as to why I should just stick with Starwind, I'd be more than happy to hear them.

    So far, I'm pretty pleased where it is, but as it stands, the Keyblade here is just a bunch of manipulated screen captures thrown together. My goal when I eventually start drawing this is to have all of the different aspects blend together more naturally. But I decided that before I actually START drawing it, I would share my progress and the thought process getting me here so that before I get too far in, any Outlaw Star fans who also happen to enjoy Kingdom Hearts could offer some potential suggestions. Anyway, thank you all for hearing me out, and please enjoy my take so far on an Outlaw Star Keyblade!
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