I have actually been playing the piano since I was five years old, so music has become a big part of who I am. After finding a video on Youtube of someone playing the TV length version of Through the Night on a keyboard, I've wanted so badly to learn it on the piano. Unfortunatley, the person did it completely by ear, and while I'm great at sight reading, I only know a few simple tunes that I learned completely by ear, and only a few songs do I have memorized. I'm thinking of watching the video really closely at one point and trying to figure out all the notes and then transcribe them, but I have two other Outlaw Star projects to handle first.

The first one is a fan fiction that I mention in a different thread. But the other one is also a music-inspired project. At one point, I found someone on Youtube by the name of adrisaurus. Now only does she do a splendid job of singing to both Hiru no Tsuki and Tsuki no Ie in English, she also sings to various orchestrated video game soundtracks with lyrics that only did she come up with herself, they perfectly fit the rhythm of the music and make complete sense with the part of whatever game they are from. This has inspired me to come up with lyrics for soundtracks from Outlaw Star. The first one I plan on doing is my personal favorite, Desire. It ain't gonna be easy, but like with everything else in terms of Outlaw Star, I'm going to give it everything I have. Wish me luck, everyone!