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    Realistic Anime Art

    This is something I am new to and I noticed a lot of fans do this.

    This is an example of what I mean by "realistic":

    The faces are more like real human faces. It kind of creeps me out but at the same time I think it looks really cool.
    There are some artists who have made more realistic looking Pokemon and they do indeed look like monsters!

    Are there any realities concepts based on an anime series that you like?

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    The two most obvious examples:

    Realistic Anime Art-commission___melfina_by_orioto-jpg

    Realistic Anime Art-commission___aisha_clan_clan_by_orioto-jpg

    I love them. Even if the proportions aren't completely realistic, they're certainly close and it's amazing to get an idea of what a live action character could theoretically look like. Sure, we have cosplay, but only a very small handful of cosplay is "spot on".

    Of course, the ones I posted don't go as far as the DBZ images. I agree, they're creepy, partly because they don't appear to match their ages.
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