This thread concerns the actions that will be taken when a GDPR request is made. Even though OSN is a forum that's not for profit, GDPR still applies. We will not delete your posts and threads when you make such a request. You're given three days to edit your forum posts. Afterwards they're permanently stored. GDPR applies to personally identifiable information, so this is what will happen going forward:

  • Your username will be changed to a randomly generated new one that isn't personally identifiable and any mentions of your current username will be erased
  • All traces of past and present IP addresses will be erased
  • Your e-mail address will be erased
  • Your signature will be erased
  • Your private messages will be erased
  • Your profile information will be erased
  • Your account will be permanently disabled
  • Any posts containing PII (e.g. URLs) must be specified before the erasure is carried out so that data can be selectively removed, because afterwards you will effectively no longer exist and there will be no way to verify your account

If you wish to have your username changed for any normal reason (or you only want that PII altered) that can be discussed via PM. That was previously possible with the currency system but that will probably not return.

Anyhow, I'll leave this thread open for those who want to discuss this GDPR compliance. Requests must be made via PM, not here.