It seems a lot of members are double-posting on others' profiles lately. I recently made a temporary switch from Chrome (with which I had no problems) to Firefox, and I do get an error message when I post a comment. This may be due to an incompatibility with the newest version of the Firefox browser. However, despite the error message, the comment still sends. I suspect unless there's another bug I'm unaware of, people are seeing the error message, thinking their comment wasn't posted, and trying to send it again, thus sending two comments.

For the time being I would advise members to try refreshing the recipient's profile to see if the comment was posted if the error message appears. If you're worried about losing the comment (the text will probably disappear from the box when you refresh), select it all and copy it so you don't lose it. Please let me know if this describes any problems you may be happening, but if you're using Chrome (and maybe IE) it likely isn't a problem. When I can, I'll see if I can update the system and hopefully that will fix it.