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Thread: Read vs. Unread

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    Read vs. Unread

    I'm not sure if this will still be an issue when the app is fully functional, but this is a note about when I read the new posts/threads on mobile. Whether I use the Tapatalk method or my tablet's web browser...even though I'm logged in, when I go to my computer again, it shows any threads I'd read, even if not updated, as if they're still unread in the "new posts" part of the footer. Also, that includes any posts I've made. Like in my journal- it says that's new...To me. Just a bit confusing.
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    The problem was that the forum has been relying on "cookies" to find out which threads and posts have been read. Cookies are stored in your browser. They will not transfer to another browser or a mobile device. I have tweaked the settings so that it stores this information in the website itself. I'm not certain if this will fix it for Tapatalk, but it should definitely fix it for the mobile site. Let me know if the problem persists, and thanks for letting me know.

    Edit: This seems to have improved the read/unread functionality a lot, but if lots of old threads are showing as unread and you're sure you've read everything you want to in any particular forum, you can use the "Mark Forum Read" feature under "Forum Tools".
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