• What aspect of technology means the most to you?
  • What aspect of technology means the most to you?

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    What aspect of technology means the most to you?

    Technology has brought us a long way. It has brought us many good things such as being able to connect with people all around the world, spread ideas/content within seconds, explore the world together, and so on. BUT it has also brought bad things like cyber bullying and basically the birth of trolls. lol

    What aspect of technology means the most to you?

    For me, it is connectivity and being able to actually have online friends.

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    For me it would be how easily we can connect to other people especially family and friends. When we were kids, a lot of people went overseas to work, one of them was my step dad. Communication was really hard since we didn't have a phone and only way we can communicate was thru snail mail. Today, we can check on each other via Skype or Facebook as soon as we have the time.

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    Out of all my technological gadgets I probably get the most actual enjoyment out of my consoles. Video games, man! Being able to escape to another world and become someone else for a while was invaluable to me as a child, but in a lot of ways the internet isn't so different. When you think about it, aren't we all just playing our own little role-playing game? I think it goes without saying that there are a lot of poor kids out there who don't exactly have much going for them, maybe they have to deal with a shitty home life or even with being bullied at school. Speaking as one of those kids, the internet served as an escape from that where I didn't have to be that loser kid anymore, I could be someone else entirely, and in a lot of ways that person was closer to the 'real' me since I was no longer being chained down by those people who gave me a hard time, and I was able to make some good friends as a result. Don't get me wrong, I've had 'real' friends as well but to this day the best personal relationships I've had were formed over the internet.

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