• Your early years on the Internet/Computor
  • Your early years on the Internet/Computor

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    Your early years on the Internet/Computor

    I'm curious. For nostalgia's sake, I figured I'd ask if you have any memories of yourself on the Internet and using computor!

    Of course, you're welcome to be as detailed or ambiguous as you prefer.

    My history with computor goes back to at least 1996, and my most vivid memories from then were using it for schoolwork and video games (some Toy Story point-and-click game and MATHBLASTER). In 1997, I discovered Age of Empires, which is one of my all-time favorite games. Earthworm Jim also comes to mind.

    I think the first time I went on the internet was in 1998, but I don't remember much of anything from that time except AOL (AMERICA ONLINE "yoov gat male!!").

    Then I remember later in the early 2000s getting my first taste of social media with MySpace, but I spent a lot more time on Newgrounds and Gaia Online.

    I have a long history with Gaia and Newgrounds, and I still check in those sites on occasion. Back in the day, though, I must have spend four to five hours a day talking to people on them, in a similar way as we do here. Newgrounds also has their media (this Love Hina dating sim still exists after all these years!)

    Also on the internet, I remember my first file-sharing using Limewire. Some of you may remember Limewire and Napster . Boy those were fun times, when some Music Artists and production companies got all butthurt about the newfangled .mp3's

    My first online multiplayer video games were StarCraft in 2000 and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect back in 2007.

    My experience with memes started with EbaumsWorld and YOU'RETHEMANNOW,DOG!.

    It was a wonderful time. The memes... before memes.

    That's a small slice of what I remember

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    Now this here is going to be interesting. Where to begin?

    There was always a computer in the household for as long as I can remember. I had an older brother who had a computer of his own and I would watch him play things like Ultima and King's Quest (Man this is going to make me sound like an old fart). My parents used to have a computer in the living room for me and my other brothers to use. It was here where I got my love for First Person Shooters. I played games from Wolfenstein 3d, Doom 1 and 2, Rise of The Triad (I remember my brother being a dick to me when he tricked me in entering the shrooms code for that game) Duke Nukem 3d, Shadow Warrior, Blood among others. It was also when I discovered point and click adventure games, mainly the ones released from Lucasarts. This brought me and my brothers together as we would used to watch each other play things like Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis, Day of The Tentacle, Sam and Max Hit the Road ect. and we would crack jokes about it as we played. Naturally, eventually we would get computers of our own (Probably because my brother and I would fight over who got to use the computer) and that got me into games like Syndicate, Hitman: Codename 47 and Command and Conquer. Most folks preferred Starcraft but I was always a C&C guy myself. Sadly, I never got around to the later games like Red Alert 2 and Generals. It's where I would discover a lot of my favorite games.

    As for the internet, my dad introduced me to it in the mid 90s. He showed me various web sites, mainly related to The Mask, a movie that I loved at the time. He eventually got me a AOL account to which I would use this to check out various comic book related sites. Then in the late 90s and the early 2000s is when things really kicked off for my internet addiction. I discovered a number of message boards. One of which was a Resident Evil message board where we talked about the games, anime, other video games or whatever crossed our minds. It was awesome at the time because I lived in a rural area where most folks cared about football, nascar or outdoorsy activities which is something I never gave a shit about. I was all about movies, video games, comic books and cartoons/anime and I didn't have anyone to talk to about this so it was great to finally find people who get it, even if it was all just online. There were a few other forums I was apart of, but I wont lie, I was an obnoxious little shit back in the day. Those folks you see nowadays who get overbearing on what they like and freak out if you didn't agree on something? Yeah, that was me back in the day. Thank God that this was before the days of cringe compilations because I don't think I would ever live it down. One day I got so embarrassed by it that I dropped the old username that I was using (badash55) because that name brought some cringy memories.

    And newgrounds...aw, newgrounds. The one place that my young, high school age self would go to time and time again. I first discovered the pico games and those celebrity assassin games that they would have. And I would go to the 18 and over section to play Ganguro Girl...Oh come on, you guys would've done so too! One of the games on there I really liked was the Thing Thing Arena games. The 3rd one was my particular favorite. Nothing was more fun than jumping through the air while blasting mother fuckers using dual berettas.

    I did briefly go on gaia for awhile but that was because I had a friend who was addicted that that place and would not answer his calls so I had to make an account on there just to communicate with him. The site was meh. I tried to mingle with some of the folks on there but it just got boring and I never gone back since.

    Oh yes, napster was my go to back in the day. I actually discovered a lot of the bands I liked on there. I even found quite a number of Jpop songs from various animes on there. Of course, Metallica just had to screw that up for us all Thankfully, youtube swung by to save the day where I would just use that to listen to music and discover bands, something that I still do to this day.

    Those are what sprung to mind anyway.

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    I don't have some long winded post here. I don't remember spending much time online until maybe 2002. Before that I was mainly playing games like Roller Coaster Tycoon and the Sims. I was more into gaming on consoles though and being out and doing things. I had access to a computer since 1996 but I didn't really start using it till 1999 and then in 2002 I started online with making my own sites for fun, AIM, Myspace came along, ect ect.

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    The earliest internet experience I can recall is back from the late 90s, back in the time of Windows 98 and dial up internet. I used to play games on Nick.com all the time, is what I can recall. A little later (circa 2002-2003) I spent a lot more time on Cartoon Network.com instead, though it was around this time that I discovered Wikipedia existed, and even to this day I have it as my homepage. I didn't really start becoming invested in the internet and in forums until I joined my first forum way back in 2011. I'll never forget it: NeoToonami.com. The site still exists now, though it's become a veritable ghost town since that project died 4 years ago. The last few years on the internet have mostly been me going around on forums and browsing what interests me. I discovered TvTropes back in high school and became addicted to that fairly quickly.
    Previously known as vegeta95748 ("Veggie")

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    A very interesting thread indeed! I've moved it to the technology forum. Since that's what it's primarily about, I guess I'll share one of my first experiences with a PC...

    Your early years on the Internet/Computor-computerthing-jpg

    I was probably four years old here, so it was either 1992 or 1993. Although I do recall using an Amiga when I was three which can serve the same purpose as this. You see, I'm not sure what the system in this picture is, but I'm pretty sure it's one of those '80s ones that can load games but primarily it was often used for things like word processing. On that topic, I remember using a Macintosh when I was five or six and playing a text game (these were very common back then) with graphics that featured a castle and a witch. I never found out the name of that one. Soon after then in primary school we often used a classroom that had a computer of sorts inside, obviously with a keyboard. I couldn't type for shit (unlike now as I have a very fast WPM) but nevertheless enjoyed the typing and edutainment games.

    I remember when I was probably ten years old (this was soon after becoming an uncle, probably around 1998 or 1999 then and almost at the end of primary school) and having my first ICT class. I still knew jack about computers, but the teacher was extremely enthusiastic about the wonders of "the world wide web!!". He told us about websites. At least I understood what the WWW stood for but the clunky Netscape Navigator was very foreign to me. My best friend told me to type in "www.nintendo.com" (oh nostalgia, but why so blank?) and hit enter. That was my own discovery of the amazing "INTERNET!" I use (and most of us I'm guessing) every single day.

    In secondary school at eleven years old we had compulsory ICT class, so I was using computers regularly and I was getting more and more used to them. I also used them with classmates in the library who had knowledge of some pretty disgusting websites that turned me into the sick bastard I am. Amazing how easy the child filter was to bypass. Also shortly after this my family got a computer manufactured by Tiny. It ran the dreaded Windows Me operating system. Both myself and my sister got pretty addicted to it, so we often battled over using it. We literally ran home to get the seat. Oh, I remember the "'Shut down!", "Shut up!'" argument we once had. Soon after that I discovered my first regular website and forum, the Sonic Fan Games HQ. My best friend and I loved the shit out of playing other people's fan games and finding new sprite rips, and thanks to some stoner guy at school we found out about The Games Factory and started making our own Sonic fan game. We made a few, but discretion is advised if you want to play our first game we made when we were twelve. (This is a Flash conversion. Main difference is that the original used MIDIs and that there is now a timer, for anybody masochistic enough to beat it in under fifteen minutes.) We actually managed to get it on SFGHQ where it was largely panned, although the Doomsday recreation was praised. It's the kind of game that the Angry Video Game Nerd would review—it's that bad. Maybe I should ask him so I can finally forgive myself for making this.

    Your early years on the Internet/Computor-sss-jpg

    We continued making fan games for a couple of years. These included Super Sonic Smash 2 and 3 handled separately by myself and my friend respectively. There was also Mario Assassin, a lame FPS attempt with Mario shooting Sonic characters, and a couple of others. I got more involved in forums after I played Halo in late 2002 I think. I loved modding the Xbox version and I joined the Halomods forum and also played the PC port with crap graphic settings which I still play to this day. Eventually I was made a moderator which felt great, but I didn't do much and it was mainly a shiny badge. In other words, I was the worst kind of moderator. I think that in 2003 I got my own computer. Nothing special though. It was a friend's old Pentium II system he was going to throw out after he got a shiny new computer of his own. Technology-wise, it sucked and my parents refused to hook it up to an internet connection. The suckiness all changed when I got my hands on an old set of pirate CDs with a bunch of PC games on them. I got Doom and loads of Doom mods, as well as a bunch of other PC games. Heart of Darkness was a favourite, also Duke Nukem 3D. Most important was the hentai games and dating sims. They were like the holy grail of PC games for a testosterone-filled teenager.

    Your early years on the Internet/Computor-1sv7ae-gif

    I finally got the money from a job to build my own computer in 2005, then came college where I took computing classes. Three years after I discovered Outlaw Star, and nearly ten years after that here we are.

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    I remember the first time I ever went on the internet like it was yesterday. I remember searching up my favourite cartoon, Top Cat. I also remember calling Google Goggle. It was such a long time ago that I can't believe how time has flown so quickly. I, unfortunately, can't remember when I first used the internet but it was probably sometime when I was around 6 or 7 years old. The first ever online game that I played was Club Penguin and that was the first game that I got addicted to. Every day after school I would go to the shops and buy some of the Club Penguin trading cards. It's a shame that the game was closed down recently because it was a massive part of my childhood. My first ever forum was based on Club Penguin. I don't think I would ever have gotten into websites and all that stuff if it wasn't for that game to be honest. That was my early years with the internet, mainly just games and forums.

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    The first computers I ever worked on were gargantuan things in a downtown office. They were so huge, they required their own air conditioning system.

    As for my first real experiences with the Internet that came much later (late 90s early 00s). I remember that we bought a box, ha ha. It was complete junk, but we were so excited. My husband builds our systems now.

    I was one of those annoying newbs that emailed everything I found to my whole address book. I sent every joke, story, etc. until I got a clue.

    Since we lived in the country, I quickly tried to find my way around as the Internet was my link to the outside world. Gaming, streaming, music, shopping, and so much more just a click away. It changed my life.

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    Your early years on the Internet/Computor

    For software and the web, Probably..

    Ghostbusters. The big floppy discs (twice the size or more of the 3.5").

    The free windows games like

    Then dial-up internet exploration
    Neopets (learned how to copy and paste midi code in the virtual store).
    Kazaa for files
    Discovering hentai, doujinshi, porn that wasn't part of the giant stacks of my dad's old VHS tapes.

    Homestead website builder
    Angelfire website builder
    Yahoo! Geocities website builder
    Xanga for blogging
    AIM messenger
    Getting my first email address and searching for any site that offered a subscription and signed up for each of them just cuz, only to find out that my inbox would be spammed like crazy.

    DSL internet

    That's it~
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