Does anybody here ever use IRC, or has used it in the past? Actually, back when Outlaw Star Nexus was called Outlaw Star UK, for some period of time it had a chat room. For part of this it was server-side chat, and if I recall correctly allowed forum account logins. It was great but it was also resource-intensive so I had to switch and use IRC instead.

IRC is good when it works. I use it very rarely nowadays, and unfortunately when I do the majority of the time nothing happens. I mean, literally. Back in the day people talked on the IRC channels I visited quite a lot. Now I might connect to an IRC channel with over one hundred people and try to chat, and nobody replies, even if IRC is mentioned as a top feature of a community. It drives me up the wall and also drives me away from bothering with IRC altogether. Some people for a reason I don't get at all actually set up software to make them automatically idle in a channel, which is another term for doing bugger all. It's... confusing.

I see people talking about Discord a lot lately, and visiting the channels on there I've witnessed the "idling problem", but people chat a lot more often. Idling is the virtual equivalent of physical loitering. I don't see why people don't just disconnect when they're done chatting, and vice-versa.

That's my rant for the day, though I'm interested in your IRC experiences. I first used IRC probably around year 2001. Honestly, I can't see anyone (except those in very specific groups) using IRC in a decade's time. Like Facebook and forums (which makes the job much harder for all forum webmasters) alternative and perhaps (to most anyway) more convenient methods of communication will come along, like the battle between AOL/ICQ/MSN and Skype which offered easy VoIP calling.

I don't think I'll miss IRC, even though I had some fun times.