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  • Justifying Costs?

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    Justifying Costs?

    I am sure everyone is well aware that a lot of what is on the market that is rated well is not cheap. Smart phones are good examples of this. If you want a phone that does more and offers more but at better quality, you are looking at spending $400 or more on a phone.

    How do you justify costs when buying something be it a new phone, music player, computer, TV, or general electronic?

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    I divide the cost out by how many hours I estimate that I will use the product. A phone winds up being mere cents per hour, and the $50-ish dollar retro consoles I buy and play 70+ hour RPGs on.....maybe fractions of a cent at this point? I usually use one TV for quite a few years so that isn't too much of a consideration, haven't bought a music player, sound system, speaker, etc.........since iPod Nano Gen 2? Unless you count $10 Skullcandy earbuds off eBay. I got my current phone (Samsung Galaxy S7) for free by accident. I had an S3 I sent in for repair, and things got so mucked-up that they wound up opening 2 service tickets for me, and instead of sending my phone back they sent me a new (at the time) S7...two of them....
    This was the month they came out, so one went straight to eBay while I simply activated and ported my number to the other.
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