• Keyboards keep "chipping"?
  • Keyboards keep "chipping"?

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    Keyboards keep "chipping"?

    This is my third keyboard I am on now in the last 2 years. It seems like no matter the brand, the black paint comes off. I get the LED ones. Right now I have a Sarepo one and the sides of 5 of the keys have lines on them already. I just got this keyboard 2 months ago too. What causes this to keep happening?

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    Black paint, eh? I think you'd have to elaborate. My keyboard's quite an old one and I've used this kind for a while because I find it ergonomic. It's really just muscle memory knowing where everything is with this unusual design. The keyboard itself is made of black plastic, but the text and other symbols on the keys are painted with white paint. It's quite amusing being able to see which keys I use the most.

    Keyboards keep "chipping"?-keyboard_shortcuts_ms_comfort_curve_keyboard_2000_by_teaml2dcompany-d7d03mg-png

    I have to shell out $50+ for another of these pretty ancient things. Thankfully they're sturdy and last me several years.

    I can see how LED keyboards would be useful if you can't completely touch-type. Still find it weird why a keyboard would chip the way you described. Have other people on Amazon complained about similar problems? Maybe it's because you're typing hard and the friction is rubbing the paint off, but why isn't it just black plastic?

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