• How often do you think a new phone is needed?
  • How often do you think a new phone is needed?

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    How often do you think a new phone is needed?

    I always hear of people buying a new one every year or every other year and I never understood why. I don't think much changes on phones that quickly but I could be wrong. I think people feel obligated more so to have the latest new and shiny thing. Since most phones these days are not cheap, it makes more sense to spend more on one built to last and use it for 4 or 5 years because you get a new one. What are your thoughts on this? How often do you think people should be buying new phones if their old one still works perfectly fine?

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    I'll be honest with you, I hate smartphones with a passion but in this day and age it's impossible to live without one. I normally get a new phone every 3 years and it's normally the 2nd most recent model due to the overall cost of phones nowadays (you can get a decent computer for the same cost). I would say that the only reason why I've upgraded phones was as I've accidentally dropped my old one shattering the screen and the repair would have cost as much as a new phone and performance although security updates also play quite a big role with older phones being more vulnerable.

    If you've ever used a samsung phone with an AMOLED screen for more than 2 years you'd start noticing screen burn in which is also a pretty good reason to upgrade, as it becomes an eyesore to look at.

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