• Phone battery capacity vs RAM(Random Access Memory)
  • Phone battery capacity vs RAM(Random Access Memory)

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    Phone battery capacity vs RAM(Random Access Memory)

    Anyone going to buy any phone today has something he or she is looking at first before choosing to buy such gadget. Now phone battery capacity and it's RAM(Random Access Memory) are believed to be two indispensable components in any phone products.

    Having said that, should you embark on buying a new phone what do you consider to be the deciding factor in making you chose a particular product over another?

    Do you look at the battery capacity to make a decision or size of the RAM(Random Access Memory)? Which one is of more importance to you and has the tendency of swaying your preference?

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    I think most people would look at battery capacity. Rather than the size of the battery (mAh) you'd usually find the full usage and standby times. Even high battery capacities can have lower battery lengths because of various factors, like hardware strain (typically CPU) and screen backlight. This is probably more important than RAM as most consumers do not even know what it is. Depending on a person's uses a powerful phone might not even be needed.

    I'm okay with a mid-range phone, so long as it can run some decent (not the most advanced) games, play videos, etc. I used to use a Galaxy Note 2. Android's a great and flexible operating system. I got an iPhone 5S free in 2014 to complete a software development job, and even though I'd never buy Apple products (mostly because of price) I've used the phone ever since. Sometimes I encounter annoyances because of iOS's restrictions which I wouldn't face as often using Android, so it might be time for an upgrade next year.

    I would personally choose battery life over RAM, but if I'm looking for a powerhouse phone I'd probably consider RAM first. I do see a lot of people buying powerful phones because they can. When I ask them why they needed the powerful phone they seldom give me a proper explanation.

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