Nowadays, there's a lot of personality to our technology. There are tutorials for programs that talk to us, there are people in our phones [er, if you can count Siri and her bad jokes as person-like]...And even before that, we began to use GPS systems that told us where to go.

Do you like that our technology is talking back to us? Does it annoy you? Do some of the voices seem easier to deal with than others? Yep, this thread is to talk all about the voices in our tech.

This came to my mind this morning because my dad was updating our GPS. I remember how in the old days of GPS, you were lucky if the map was proper enough to not send you off a cliff. "Turn right" "Uh, this is a bridge". But today, all the updates...Were new voices. Not map aids, nothing to help us get around further...No, it was voices. Albeit, some were pretty neat. I mean...A squirrel now can guide us to the doctor's office. As long as it doesn't guide us up a tree I'll probably be happy for that.

But is it good that our technology is talking to us? Yes, in a car, GPS is helpful: we don't have to stop constantly for a map, and the directions being read to us keep us hands free. But...Siri can cause all sorts of awkward problems sometimes, and there are plenty of tutorials that are hard to understand with the speech programs they use.

Do you like certain voices used in technology? Do you find it useful having it talk to us to give us answers instead of reading? Gimme your views! Before I sick my new squirrel guide on you? o.O