• Word Processors: Which Do You Like?
  • Word Processors: Which Do You Like?

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    Word Processors: Which Do You Like?

    Okay, let's face it guys. Even if you're not a writer or an editor like me, you probably need to use word processors at some point or another. Sure, you're probably not as obsessed with them as I am, but...

    What word processors do you guys use? Do you regularly try new ones or do you stick to your guns and stick to older ones you've gotten comfortable with? Which word processors work well for you, and which cause you problems? Share your random stories and the things you like and don't like about them.

    Why? Because I'm a writer and want to learn more about you- and them!


    I recently found a new word-processing program for story writing called Quoll. It's open source, free, and has some nifty features while being simplistic and small as a program. It's similar to yWriter, a more known one (at least among the writing community that likes free software), but also rather different in design and has some extras- such as an idea board where you can list any random ideas you have that aren't official for the story yet, as well as being able to open multiple projects at once from a simple launcher.

    Prior to this, I always used OpenOffice (basically the Linux version of Microsoft Office). It's open source and free too- but now it changed to LibreOffice, and last year, LibreOffice decided to destroy my attempted noveling by constantly eating my words.

    I also use Google Docs for work due to the way it works for editing. But basically, I refuse to use not-free software. I'm cheap. xD Quoll is so far my new favorite overall...but I'll still be using Notepad regularly to type up my posts so the internet can't eat them.
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    I use office software quite often. I used to use Word 2003 most of the time, and for my university assignments too. Lightweight and functional; it has aged very well. Nowadays though I usually find myself using Google's suite of office tools. Google Docs is so convenient. You can use it anywhere with an internet connection on almost any modern device, and save to PDF in a few clicks.

    I still choose Excel 2003 over anything else for spreadsheets, which has become an important aspect of game design.

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