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    Music Pictionary

    I'm not sure what else to know what else to name it, so if it's possible than some mod can change it if they have a better one.

    So basically you answer what the picture(s) reference to what band. If that makes sense. Not sure if there is/was already a thread like this.

    So, I'll start of with an easy one:
    Music Pictionary-27f0174304820d2fd2dc575720ebc84e-jpeg
    Music Pictionary-f91f8cb610241b15e59ee24915b15f05-jpeg

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    I wish there were some mods, but there's just myself managing the Nexus! As requested I came up with a new name and renamed the thread. It's sort of pictionary which is a guessing game where you draw your own pictures, but on a forum this is probably the closest you'd get. So that's the name! Also, since this is a forum game I moved the thread to Tenrei.

    Hmmm... I think that might just be Led Zeppelin.

    Uhm... now, a band I listen to that some people will have actually heard of. Okay, this one will be moderately difficult, not too hard...

    Music Pictionary-pr1-jpg
    Music Pictionary-t1-jpg

    By the way, an important note is that you should save images to your computer (or phone) and rename them if the image file contains the name of the clue which kind of takes the challenge out of it.

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