I came up with this when seeing a load of gibberish while replying to a thread via the app. For this game you'll need to be using a phone (so I don't expect this to go far) on either the website or (easier) the Outlaw Star Nexus app.

Use this video to play the game. It's pretty easy, but takes a little longer than your average game.

Simply skip to the next episode after the last poster's and take one sentence from the opening, then use autocorrect to create a random-ass paragraph. Technically it would be possible to do this on a desktop if you just did it in a text message on your phone and typed out the result.

Episodes 2 to 25 have openings. I'll start us off with a line from the second episode opening. Next poster does third...

Once a boy becomes an adult, he can no longer go back to being a boy or a wife or two young men who have been injured by the police and their neighbours and their families and relatives who have not been arrested for the last three months and have been very poorly with the Fitbit.