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    Anime Multi-verse

    There have been times where I've been watching anime or playing a game with anime-style graphics and thought "I wonder what it would be like if (such-and-such an anime) encountered this one?"

    There have been plenty of debates/scenarios on non-anime concerning this question such as Star Trek and Star Wars, though I would tend to think things would be more interesting than that.

    Take, for example, the A.C.E. series or the Super Robot Wars where every anime mecha series ever created gets lumped into one game to create a rather interesting story where characters and machines from differing series interact, broadly speaking, in countless ways. I like it because it's like the old days where I had my bucket of army men, Star Wars play sets, G.I. Joes, and Gundam Genre action figure mechas going at each other, taking sides, etc.

    Dynasty Warriors Gundam does what Super Robot Wars did, but limits content to just the Gundam Genre. Kingdom Hearts did alright combining many different Square Enix and Disney worlds together. To a certain extent, the Super Smash Brothers series does it as well, as does Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

    I am sure I've heard of a couple of Multi-verse anime in the past, but I don't recall what they were or if I knew any of the series that were included.

    What is your take on Multi-verse themed anime and/or anime-style game? What sort of Multi-verse situations would you enjoy seeing and why? I am interested in hearing what others have to say on the issue.
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    RE: Anime Multi-verse

    It would be interesting to see what happens when Trigun, Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star come together. Even though tons of Cross-over Fictions have been made, putting it into a more visual media is what I'd like to see.
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    RE: Anime Multi-verse

    I'd watch an episode of Outlaw Star which featured a episode in which Melfina (Voiced by Tara Strong) encountered Zen-Aku from Power Rangers Wild Force (Voiced by Rick Medina).
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    RE: Anime Multi-verse

    I'll be honest: I hated Trigun. That said, I didn't give it much of a chance. I only watched a couple of episodes, but I was so immensely bored I gave up on it. I have a friend who has been working on a comic that is a cross-over of Outlaw Star and Final Fantasy VIII. The idea is nice, but the technology in Outlaw Star is insanely ahead of what you see in FFVIII. In FFVIII, they'd only just ventured into space. They'd have to be isolated from the whole Toward Stars universe for it to make sense. Nevertheless, it would be interesting, not to mention there is time travel in FFVIII so I guess it could potentially make sense.

    I don't really think about cross-overs too much. I'll need to consider this topic more to come up with something myself...
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