I'm back, and this time to push my favorite anime on all of ya! I don't seem to find many that like the series, so it kind of makes me think of Outlaw Star in that way. Plus, lots of danger in it- but not so much space....Okay, so it's actually pretty different in premise. Anyway, let's start the actual review...thingy. Okay? Okay.

They'd better hope they're right on that picture, because here's the plot twist: If you don't solve the puzzle, you die! Er, most of the time.

Since the plot changes slightly from one season to the next (in terms of who the big baddie is), I'm not going to copy and paste a plot description, I'm just gonna give it to you bluntly. Kaito is a puzzle-loving, genius teenager who one day stumbles upon a rather unusual puzzle hidden within his academy- a puzzle that will lead him to take on the dangerous Philosopher's Puzzles, where if you complete it, you get a prize- but if you fail, you're certain to die. His first prize: The Orpheus Armlet, a trinket that gives him access to the full of his brain- but that power can be dangerous all its own, even without the puzzles trying to kill him!

Kaito made a promise to solve all puzzles thrown at him as a child- and after making friends with other unusual geniuses on campus, having been given the title of Einstein, Kaito will solve any puzzle he has to- even if he has to take on the most dangerous and ultimate test of all: The Puzzle of God.

Okay, so now that you know the basis, you're probably staring at me wondering why I'm so enthralled by an anime that's about some kid solving dangerous puzzles. It's a good question! I can tell you in a few small statements.

1. I'm a puzzle loving fool and basically see myself in Kaito (normal people probably don't at all).
2. It's high action and yet high comedy all at the same time, in a great balance.
3. I love the upbeat music used for the openings and endings.
4. The characters- probably the main reason. Besides the puzzles...The characters and their unusual blend of personalities is what really makes this anime a hit to me.

I don't know what to say anymore, but it's at least worth a shot. I promise there's plenty of insanity in it to go around. And...Uh...Just try it? Because seriously I don't know how to pitch this. I want to share the amazing puzzle-doom. And I apologize if there are too many images. I just...I wanted to make it spiffy. And i couldn't find the gifs I wanted to use at all.