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    Clannad and After Story

    This isn't a review or anything, I was just wondering who else has seen this amazing anime.
    I honestly love this anime to pieces. It's such an amazing story, and it's told so well, especially with the scenes with the girl and the robot. It's not only one of my favorite anime, but one of my favorite pieces of media period. If you haven't watched it yet, go watch it right now. Seriously. It's too amazing not to watch.
    And I'm not afraid to admit I cried a few times during this anime.
    Also, a little PSA from Nagisa.

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    I loved Clannad tons. After Story was the best part to me, but mostly because I adore Ushio. But seriously, I cry just hearing Dango Daikozuku nowadays because of how powerful the memories are.

    And yes, Nagisa, thanks for reminding me where babies come from.
    "I don't know what words I can say
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