• D. Grayman Manga to resume July 17th!
  • D. Grayman Manga to resume July 17th!

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    D. Grayman Manga to resume July 17th!

    There's been a hype going on about this series coming back on July 17th as part of a new Magazine.
    This picture has been circulating around the Internet...



    Apparently it's not completely confirmed that the first chapter will be on July 17th. Hoshino is confirmed to have recovered and she confirmed her self on her personal Instagram account that a continuation is coming some time soon. However she didn't mention any dates whatsoever. Then this cover came and mentioned that the Magazine is coming July 17th, but it didn't say anything about the first chapter being part of that so it could be even later. The fans may have gotten a little too excited and carried away following Hoshino's announcement.

    At least it's getting continued, even if I have to wait till 2016 the fact that this awesome manga is not going to rot away makes me so relieved and happy.

    How do you guys feel about this manga? Were you one of the fans holding their breath during the 3 year long hiatus? Are you a new fan? Or do you just not care?

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    Well it did come out recently. I just read the newest chapter. Man, that took forever to show up. :p Although, it's just as frustrating of a cliff hanger as the previous chapter, if not more so. I read the previous 8 volumes of D.Gray-man to get all reacquainted with what was going on because it got kind of confusing there near the parts we left off on. I get the feeling though that Hoshino has a ways to go though before finishing it. Hope her health stays good since she seems to have a lot of health issues.

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