It's not the most well known series, or so I'm going to assume- I only know about it because I watched it when it was pushed by Hulu, and then again when it was being taken off.

A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd [Or its original title, Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai] is a fairly unique series based off a Visual Novel (yes, I'm aware that already makes it sound not-so-unique). It's considered a School-Life and Magic/Fantasy story, which makes sense. The plot, as listed on Anime News Network:

Kyōtarō Kakei has always had an affinity towards books in hopes to find answers to his life. With a mentor's promise, he continues to search for a book with his absolute hope. However, this changes when he receives a foretelling message saying that "Today, something will happen that will change your fate. --From the Shepherd." Due to this premonition, his normal school life at Shiomi Academy becomes entangled due to the optimistic Tsugumi Shirasaki and the Shiomi Happy Project.
While there's plenty of cliches to go around, the anime's plot is extremely intricate to me- and the cast is colorful and unique, overall. The animation is pretty good, and I'm a fan of the voices, though one did irritate me (it didn't sound bad, but...that singing voice just doesn't fit that frame...). Overall, it's a good series, though. It's worth a try, in my book. But that's because I watched it twice within a few months.