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Thread: Non-OLS Manga

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    Non-OLS Manga

    Every time I see a new post in the "Manga Purchases" thread I hop in there all revved up to talk about the manga I've been reading, but then I remember that it's specific to OLS manga. While I adore the OLS manga, it makes up <0.1% of the manga I've read/owned in my lifetime. Thus, this thread is for non-OLS manga you've picked up recently or even just manga you're reading even if you didn't buy it. It's not really about collecting, just a place to discuss it outside of dedicated threads. This sub-forum moved relatively slower than some others and I don't want to flood it with specific threads for each manga I read that nobody is going to comment on.

    Currently reading: I Am A Hero (on volume 18 now), Initial D (volume 3), Berserk (volume 7), Ajin (Volume 12), and Dragon Ball (Volume 4).
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    It deals with a demon virus that transforms people into freaky looking fuckers

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    I have a small manga collection. I have the entirety of A Silent Voice, which is excellent. I haven't seen the film because I feel it won't meet the expectations the manga set, since it's a 90 movie for a 6 volume manga. A lot was obviously cut.
    As for current series, I'm just reading My Hero Academia and Promised Neverland. MHA has gotten slightly worse as time has gone by, especially the fight scenes. They're not very easy to follow. Still a solid series, just not as fantastic.
    Promised Neverland, however, is just getting better and better. Can't wait to see how the anime adapts it's second season.


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