• Recommendation: Bokurano.
  • Recommendation: Bokurano.

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    Recommendation: Bokurano.

    About a year or so ago, I found Bokurano, which is a really cool sci-fi anime involving a group of 15 middle schoolers who find a man creating a "video game" in a grotto on the beach. He offers to let them each play, but they have to register themselves in the game in order to play.
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    However, this isn't actually a game, but a real life fight between giant robots, and as the show progresses, you find out that this is far more than just a fun fight between giant robots, and that the fate of the entire world is at stake.
    I'll put the Crunchyroll synopsis in a spoiler, as even that has quite a few spoilers to it.
    When a strange man in a grotto offers fifteen middle-school students the chance to test the game he's been developing, the kids find little reason not to accept. Who wouldn't want to pilot a giant robot and face down intruders bent on destroying Earth? Instead of a game, however, the youths discover that the metal giant is all too real--and so are the enemies! It only gets worse when they realize that the 'contract' they signed to play the game was no laughing matter. The robot feeds on the life force of its pilot. Even if they win, they die. But if they lose, the world will cease to exist!

    The whole idea of the show is, there is a group of people (you don't ever really find out who they are) who pit earths from different universes against each other, with a group of people piloting giant robots. If you win the battle, your planet is spared. However, the robot is powered by your own life energy, meaning that even if you win, you die. And that, as morbid as it is, is the most interesting part of this anime. The huge stakes of this anime take it from being just a giant mech anime to something more.

    Now, this show isn't perfect, since each episode focuses on one of the kids, there's little time for character development, so each character is written a bit cliched. However, the twists that this show has, and the way it ends makes this a really nice and refreshing show, and I certainly recommend it.
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