March Comes in Like a Lion is a Slice of Life anime focusing on a young 17 professional Shoji player, Rei Kiryama, who lost his parents at a young age. He was adopted by another Shoji player who strictly forced his children to play. All of the tension therein, and having lost his parents, made him a hermit who only leaves his apartment to shop, and play shoji. He rarely goes to school, forcing him to repeat his 3rd year. But through time, and thanks to a family he has grown close to, he gradually comes out of his shell.
I love this anime, because it's a fantastic representation of being young, and everything that goes with it. There's even a sub plot concerning one of the members of the family Reo is close with who is being bullied, and they handle it extremely well. It doesn't just make the bullying go away, or romanticize it. They treat it the way it should, and take multiple episodes to do so.
This anime is one of the best adaptations of being young I've ever seen.
Not to mention, this anime is gorgeous. The animation is so damn good, and it uses so much color and imaginitive animation to make emotional scenes hit even harder.
I highly HIGHLY recommend this anime.