Isekai Shoukudo or Restaurant to Another World is one of those feel good Animes in which stories are centered on food. This series is all about a Japanese Restaurant in Tokyo called Western Restaurant Nekoya owned by a chef called Tenshu. What's unique with this restaurant is that it exists in different worlds or dimensions and it's inhabitants can also eat there and taste the sumptuous food being served in it. The main protagonists is the owner called Tenshu and a Aletta a girl with horns who hails from another world. Basically this series offer viewers a different set of characters who would visit and eat at the restaurant per episode, who has good uplifting and heroic back stories to tell.

I like watching this series which was released in 2017 but it only ran for a season having only 12 episodes. It's a clean anime without any sexual undertones nor excessive gore and violence and what I like most is the feel good attitude of this series in which can be seen in every episode having a happy ending. I learned a lot of things about japanese food watching this series.

I would rate this series 7.5/10.