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    I know some would argue about how comic book movies are overdone but I have an interest in this one since Venom was a character that I used to read a lot as a kid so I have a soft spot for the big, slobbery tongue anti-hero. They released a trailer for it not too long ago.

    So, uh...where's Venom? The last time I checked Venom looked like this.


    Not like a brooding Tom Hardy who occasional screams. I hope they aren't pulling a stunt like they did with the 1998 Godzilla movie where they don't reveal what the title character looks like until release. Hard to tell how good the movie will be to since the trailer doesn't show us a lot but hopefully it will be cool and wont be bland and forgettable like some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies were.

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    I think this is the story leading up to him becoming Venom so it would make sense that you don't actually see him transform and all that till at least 70% through the movie. I could be wrong. I don't know his background as I was never big on Spiderman but I guess we will have to see where this goes. I thought he was always a bad guy too or a "villain". Seems strange for Marvel to be making a movie about a villain when they have done heros.

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