Got two new glitches that happened to me over break while playing skyrim:

So.. I happened to kill a giant no big deal right? Except this time he dropped his club. Well when you normally walk up to the clubs you can't pick them up. This time when I walked over to the club stats appeared. I immediately freaked out and tried to pick it up but it wouldn't let me Then I got an idea! I had lydia with my so I commanded her to pick up the item. It worked! Stoked I searched her inventory but it wasn't there D: So I gave up on it and conitnued my adventures. Well later on in my house in markath I decided I would give lydia a better weapon. So I took away her dwarven great sword and swapped it for a draugar great sword. But as soon as I took away the dwarven sword and could even give her the draugar sword the giant's club appeared! The video will show the rest. For some reason it doesn't appear in the inventory but it's still there. Sadly this takes up carrying weight and only does 7 damage in her hands but oh well. Definitely worth it!

Yet another glitch I had climbed and hopped up a very steep mountain and Aela got stuck behind since she couldn't navigate up it so when I got higher up I waited a couple hours so she'd catch up. Well upon exiting the waiting menu I was greeted by this. Enjoy!