• Hello from Sarajevo!
  • Hello from Sarajevo!

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    Hello from Sarajevo!

    Hello, my name is Aurelia. I study literature, but I am also a great fan of other forms of art. I used to draw when I was younger and although I no longer read for fun (yes, unfortunately, college does that...), I also used to be a passionate reader. I love music; I play a little piano (although it is not my forte) and I listen to various genres, symphonic metal included.

    When it comes to TV, I love many shows. Sherlock is my absolute favourite. I also used to watch Game of Thrones for awhile, but the story started to drag on and so I stopped. I have to mention BBC TV series: Austen had never been so amazingly portrayed as it was in these short TV series. Pride and Prejudice (stunning cast, really), Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, and later on, Emma as well - seen them all, loved them to pieces.

    I am a great fan of anime and manga as well. As I don't have much time, I usually end up reading / watching shorter ones (one-shots are my favourites!), but there are some longer ones that I like as well, such as Akatsuki no Yona, which stole my breath away from the very beginning, and Death Note, which I never finished after I'd

    seen L die. There is no Death Note without L, as simple as that.

    I love playing games as well. I've spend more hours than I can count playing Civilisation V and Skyrim. I also like shorter games which are based on novels (Matches and Matrimony: A Pride and Prejudice tale - it mixed both Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, but it was very good!) or anime series.

    Well, that would be it from me for the time being. I hope to have a lot of fun here!!

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    New Jersey
    Nice to meet you, Aurelis. I do love how open you are for your introduction. And since we share quite a few interests, it's just that much more exciting! I mean, I don't hear many people mention symphonic metal as a genre, you know? Hearing someone mention it makes me happy.

    I'm also a piano player [a bit], though I'm only particularly good at playing nekofunjata/cat's waltz. Which, to me, still sounds like polka when I play it. I read more manga than I watch anime, but I have to admit- one-shots are really nice, aren't they? They're hard to write, but...They're so fun to read! I watch a lot of TV shows without actually watching much TV myself, but I didn't see most of the series you mentioned. So, new stuff to look into.

    Anyway...Enjoy your stay. I'm already expecting to see lots of fun chats with you!
    "I don't know what words I can say
    The wind has a way to talk to me
    Flowers sleep, a silent lullaby
    I pray for reply
    I'm ready"
    -Melfina's Song

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    Zdravo and dobar dan, Aurelis!

    I must say, I have to admire your commitment to L in Death Note.

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