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    Red Thread Redemption 2

    Gotta be honest my peeps I LOVE Outlaw Star, I do still need to watch Angel Links. Obviously I found out about it through Toonami. Did you know that they let the word "Damn" slip on daytime television not once, but twice? We didn't have Cartoon Network in our cable package growing up so I'd have my grandma tape it for me. I got my Outlaw Star DVD's taken away from me as a younger kid b/c of the Hot Springs Planet Tenrei episode I recently rewatched the series on Hulu and it was JUST as good as I had remembered it being. Gotta get me some of that Aisha Clan-Clan figurine. It's been a most interesting thread to follow

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    Hello and welcome to Nexus. Regarding Toonami, it's not only "damn". Interestingly, they actually changed their censored dub sometimes. So even if somebody has all the censored dub episodes their collection isn't complete. This is because Toonami altered it because they were careless enough to let words like "bastard" slip through. Maybe even "asshole" or "shit" once or twice. (Not 100% sure, but "bastard" definitely did.)

    Although I wish they could be cheaper, I think that the Melfina and Aisha figures are a great addition to any fan's collection. If you ended up buying the Aisha figure, you'll have to let us know how that's gone.

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